Program Competencies

1. Analyzing a current problem with ICT and identifying solutions.

Artifact 1 - ICT 710
Technologies aiding online cheating.doc
Microsoft Word Document 89.0 KB

2. Interpret and conduct research to improve the body of knowledge relating to ICT.

Artifact 2 - INMGT 700
Proposal Final
INMGT 700 -Proposal Final.docx
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3. Plan, evaluate and revise ICT systems

Artifact 3
CBT Training Module
CBT - Creating a Gmail Account.pptx
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4. Evaluate and use ICTs appropriate to one's own career.

5. Analyze the philosophy and principles underlying the organization and operation of ICT enterprises.

Artifact 5
ICT 701 - Retaining Tacit Knowledge
ICT 701 - Tacit Knowledge.doc
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