Reflection on my program goals.

My program goals when I started this journey were to strengthen my IT knowledge and learn valuable skills that would assist me furthering my IT career. I have definitely strengthened my IT knowledge, through classes such as info systems for enterprise and network system design. These skills have allowed me to move into a network engineering position with my current company. Through this process I have also developed new career goals I would like to get project management exposure and would like to pursue a career in management. As I move forward I definitely believe that my experience here at UW-Stout has definitely prepared me for these next steps. Part of a reflection is looking back and critiquing your past. In doing so there are some things I would have done differently during my time at Stout. The major this is I would have taken classes all year around instead of just the fall and spring. By doing this I would have allowed myself to take fewer classes per semester. Overall this was a great experience and I am excited to see what the future has in store for me.